Meridian Singers

Community Choir in Bluntisham, Cambridgeshire

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All over 18s are welcome to join The Meridian Singers -the main requirement is an enthusiasm for singing.

Take a look at our short film...

Rehearsals are 7.00 - 8.30 on Wednesday evenings in Bluntisham Parish Hall. Parking is available.
Subs are £3.00 per week, and we pay this termly.

On Wednesday 21st September we will be holding an open rehearsal; all are welcome to join us for this stand alone rehearsal where new singers are especially welcomed. Refreshments will be served!

We perform at least one concert per term, and we sometimes team up with other choirs and musical groups in the region. This year we are travelling to London to take part in the London Sangerstevne, a non competitive choral festival, in May.

We asked our singers why they come to choir - here are some of their responses:

"Because in a busy life it is a time when I forget everything else and simply enjoy the music" - Trina

"Nothing lifts my spirits more than singing with the Meridians" - Leesa

"To be part of a group effort and to make friends" - Anne

"I go to choir because it lifts the spirit" - Jan

"It makes me happy and I've made so many new friends" - Wendy

"I come to choir because I love singing; I've liked the idea of singing all my life but only got round to doing something about it when I reached 61 yrs of age! I couldn't read music and I didn't know what a "rest" was (because I don't play snooker...think about it!) but almost a year later I'm hooked and apparently I can sing! I keep coming to choir because I want to do lots more singing and I like the friendly & supportive atmosphere within the choir!" - Nick

"I sang in a Cambridge Church choir from the age of 9 to 16 and then continued in a singing group from Cambridge University Press,until this disbanded in the late 1970’s. Since that time, I had not been in choir until I joined The Meridian Singers in October 2014.
I am really enjoying the experience, the voice training is brilliant - I look forward to the weekly sessions" - Roy